Amazon’s new Fire TV voice remote with application shortcuts will be released on April 14

A few days ago Protocol Author Janko Reuters To mark A new Amazon Fire TV remote Listed According to the FCC database and now AFTviewsThe third-gen Bluetooth control is on sale If you must have the $ 30 device, you can buy it on Amazon, Which adds four previewed application shortcut buttons (Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + and Hulu) as well as a live TV guide with a grid for apps like Sling TV, YouTube TV or Philo.

Apart from these, the only visible changes are the addition of a blue Alexa-themed button to start voice commands (replacing a black button with a microphone icon) and the addition of Fire TV sounds to its branding below. It still takes two AA batteries and can control connected devices via HDMI-CEC. It is not compatible with some old Fire TV hardware (initial box, stick and old Fire TV version TV) but otherwise it should be a smooth replacement item after shipping starts from 14th April.

We still don’t know if Amazon is close to releasing a new player to go with the remote, or if it’s more likely to be paired with new third-party televisions. Application shortcut buttons are somewhat split – AFTviews Note that some Fire TV version remotes have already included them – because they are only effective if they link to the services you use (this will not officially support remote remapping, although Roku A model that is testing) And can even become a hindrance, if you accidentally press any, pop the open application immediately. Still, if you have a family member who just wants to get to the service of their choice quickly, things can get easier without a bunch of menus.

Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) with Amazon TV Control – 30

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