Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Amazon will allow individual managers to decide how many times their teams can work remotely as part of its latest return-to-office plan. Like , And , The company recently planned to return to office in early 2022 for its corporate employees. At the time, Amazon said its expectation would come in handy at least three days a week. Acknowledging the ongoing complexity of the epidemic, the agency has decided to adopt a more flexible approach.

Amazon CEO Andy Jesse said in one word To employees who share the company online.

The company expects that most teams will need a few weeks to develop and communicate their own plans. Once they are ready, Amazon estimates that they will release the details before January 3, which is the date the company set for employees to return to the office. Of all the plans we’ve seen to reopen offices in recent months, Amazon still seems the most reasonable. Issues such as different tick rates and cascades in different cities and states have made it difficult to predict how the epidemic will develop.

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