Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

After four Delay Miss release date for about a year and a half, The new world Finally here. You can download from MMORPG And Amazon . At launch, the title is available via the $ 40 Standard Edition or the $ 50 Deluxe Edition. The latter brings games, a digital artbook and a collection of bonus items. In addition to the entrance fee, you do not have to pay a subscription fee to play New World.

If you purchased the game and you are an Amazon Prime customer, you can claim the free Pirate Pack until November 1st. It comes with a Corsair-themed skin and emoticons as well as an in-game coin worth $ 5. This is the first of seven Prime gaming drops that Amazon has planned The new world In 2021.

Now that it’s finally out, The new world A critical test for Amazon. The company can believe that it can do gaming This has been done in other verticals. After its universal failure , It is fair to say that nothing happened as planned by the company. And it’s hard to see Amazon investing more in game development The new world Not at least a commercial success.

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