American Conservatives are dying

Here is a thought test. If Donald Trump says the US government should take ownership of the means of production, will the Conservatives deny him? The answer is vague. As Trump To mark In 2016, he could shoot anyone on Fifth Avenue and his fans wouldn’t be random. The link between Republican and conservative political tradition has weakened dramatically over the past five years. It has spread since he left the White House. No matter what Trump says, the team is built around it now. E.g. George Orwell Put it this way: “Four legs are good, two legs are bad.”

Next week Liz Cheney, One of the most conservative Republican lawmakers, seems likely to be expelled as number three in the party leadership. Very few Republicans can surpass the sugar conservative voting record. Even his father, Dick Cheney, was a former vice president Support struggles to match its history Opposing any kind of tax evasion and all forms of social liberalism. He has been a staunch supporter of Trump for most of his presidency Foreign Policy “We America, the bitch”Although he did not put it that way.

His unforgivable sin is to disagree with Trump’s claim that the 2020 election was rigged. Cheney was raped once in Nakla in February With emphasis The details of Trump’s stolen election were a “big lie”. But he retained his position Two-thirds of the votes of his colleagues. A measure of how much further the team has shrunk under the Trumpans ’spell is seen in his upcoming second removal. He did not change his position. His colleagues just read the line.

Worst of all, most of them, including Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy, strongly agreed with Cheney. They know that Joe Biden’s election was valid. They, like Cheney, had their goals The crowd that took Capital Hill by storm Five people lost their lives in January. Many rioters chanted the slogan “Hang Mike Pence” at the time. Trump told the crowd that he loves them. Yet Pence has also sacrificed himself to Trump’s desire to come to power. Last week Pence said he was serving Trump Was “the greatest honor of my life”. No Republican with ambition can oppose the Marl-a-Lago overlord.

Cheney’s perpetual sin is to keep telling colleagues the truth, thus reminding them of their complexity in a barbaric attack on American democratic principles. It would be ridiculous if the situation was not so dangerous. Many evenings, Trump complained to guests at Mar-a-Lego about the biggest blow to his stolen election allegations. The Footage The performance is a reflection of Serendipity to an adult rock star in a small auditorium in Las Vegas. Trump will never change his tune because he will never admit to anything, at least not of all elections. But the presence is deceptive. At least short reality 70 percent of Republican voters, And so most elected Republicans agree with him.

What will be left of American conservatism? Many Republicans are opting for prudence rather than heroism. Their plan is to wait for Trump’s death. This is an encouraging position as Trump has shown every sign of wanting to run again in 2024. McCarthy If Trump is against him, there is little chance of him becoming speaker of the House of Representatives. A growing number, e.g. Marjorie Taylor Green And Lauren Boebert, both of whom are Keunan supporters, is taking trumpanism to the next level. They are the rising stars of the team. More shameless in their theaters – Gun taking Enter a room in the house, for example, or claim to be a traitor – They raise more cash. Their colleagues have been following the money discussion ever since. The more absurd the conspiracy theory, the bigger the sweep.

Including invisible minorities Mitt Romney, Utah Senators and Cheney, have publicly embraced their policies. Their courage has garnered praise from their anti-Democratic and professional media. But it is ruining their party position. Conservatism meant strong defense, small government and support for family values. After all, conservative political philosophy was the ultimate in truth-telling and character.

Those qualities are now career-killing. Cheney I said recently His Republican colleagues said: “We cannot be the party of the Quinn. We cannot be the party of the Holocaust deniers. We cannot be the party of white supremacy.” He was right.

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