Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

“Because of my time at MIT, I have received training and opportunities to work with some intelligent people throughout my career,” said Amit Sinha, Chief Technology Officer and President of Research and Development, Operations and Customer Service at Zscaler. Cloud-based information security company. “Besides, my friends and colleagues think I’m actually smarter than I am!” On the one hand, he and his wife, Dipali, valued their time at Cambridge so much that they decided to express their gratitude by establishing a Presidential Fellowship for International Graduate Students in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Man-driven change. “MIT is a magnet for smart, passionate and driven people who refuse to accept static,” says Amit. “MIT gives them the opportunity to interact with others who have unsatisfied curiosity and a relentless drive to solve difficult problems.” The two know that costs can be a taboo factor, especially for international students. “We hope our undergraduate fellowships can overcome financial barriers for eligible international students and allow them to realize their dream of becoming academics and researchers at MIT,” he says.

Pay it forward. Amit says he could not have joined MIT without the financial help he received. “In the future, I want to see how these young engineers, supported by our fellowship, move out of the world and make a big difference,” he says. “Perhaps they will turn around and establish fellowships for the next generation.”

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