‘Among Us’ will feature a lobby of 15 players and a new art style

After a long wait, in our latest map, Airship, Available for download today. It comes with The biggest update Developer Inersloth has released for the game to date. The package includes a Uninterrupted accounting system And a wide collection of new hats. However, larger changes are planned in the studio for the future.

In this Blog post In today’s update details Inersloth says it is working to introduce a 15-player lobby and a new revised art style. Internal artist Marcus B has “completely” updated the visual resources to clear lines and make the animation process easier. “[We] “You can’t wait to see it soon,” said Victoria Tran, director of the studio community.

Inersloth promises to do a better job of sharing more detailed feature roadmaps in the future and letting the community know what’s going on in the studio. With the two new fares, it also expects that it may not take long to deliver future updates. Of these, you can download PC, iOS, Android and Airship Nintendo Switch.

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