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Unpacking A beautiful, comfortable puzzle game made by a small team. It is beautifully designed and manages to tell an interesting story with very little text. Unfortunately, the key mechanic – opening the box and putting the item in a new home – is not exactly difficult to copy. A clone quickly found an audience on iOS and Android before moving it.

Unpacking master, Which was published by a company called SayGames, was said to be a close-up copy of the title of Witch Beam Games. It has adopted a freemium model (users can pay a one-time fee to remove ads) and is at the top of the App Store charts less than a week after its release. As Comments, Unpacking master No longer available in Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

Earlier this month, Enter the App Store with Copicat developers looking to cash in on the success of the Viral Hit Word game. Those apps have also been removed. These incidents highlight a chronic problem that has plagued studios (especially the Indies) behind popular games.

There are knockoff games . For example, its developers 2048 There are some minor changes to the puzzle game formula Three And . In 2018, publisher Voodoo (Players move around a hole in the ground and swallow objects) with, Which topped the App Store and Google Play charts.

About this Unpacking, Witch Beam suggests SayGames clones use almost identical items and very similar layouts. It is That’s when other clones failed to find much success, Unpacking master It started in the wake of an ad campaign on TickTock and Instagram.

“It’s frustrating for a small group like us to see literally spending years, years of content planning, refinement and reproduction of handicrafts literally year after year in an opportunistic ad-prone app just 3 months after our launch,” the team said. On . “We are a small indie team and even after the success we have achieved, we still do not have the resources to follow the companies that are trying to make quick money using the unique look and feel of our games. We have to rely on the storefront app store To better curate the content.

At least for now, original Unpacking Not available through the mobile app store, though you can pick it up on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch and Xbox. It’s also close to the game, so if you’re interested in testing it on a phone or tablet, you can play in the cloud.

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