Andre Hill’s family fired to get a 10-meter settlement by police Black Live Matter News

Hill, an unarmed black man, was killed by a Columbus Ohio police officer in December.

The Columbus City Attorney announced Friday that Columbus, Ohio will pay a ১০ 10 million settlement to the family of Andre Hill, a black man who shot and killed a white police officer in December, the Columbus City Attorney announced Friday.

This is the largest such settlement in the history of the city.

Hill, 47, was shot by the officer Adam Coy On December 22 Hill grabbed a cell phone as he was being raised from a garage. How many were dismissed and not convicted of murder and reckless homicide.

“No amount of money will bring Andre Hill back to his family, but we believe this is an important and necessary step in the right direction,” Columbus City Attorney Zach Klein said in a statement.

A gym will be frequently named by Hill as part of the settlement Andre Hill Gymnasium ium

“We are here to commend the city leadership in a responsible leadership exhibition to consider the life of Andre Hill as important. That his life is important. And we want to send a better message than America, “family lawyer Ben Krump said after the settlement was announced.

Hill went to see a family friend after being shot. Coe and another official responded to a neighbor’s non-urgent complaint that someone had stopped outside and complained about driving.

Former Columbus, Ohio police officer Adam Coe shot and killed unarmed black man Andre Hill in December [Franklin County Ohio Sheriff’s Department via AP]

“He brought me Christmas money. He did nothing, ”a woman later shouted at police inside the house.

The shooting was recorded by Coy’s body camera, but without the sound Coy did not activate the camera in what started as a non-emergency call. The camera captured a 60-second look-back function shooting.

Koi had a long history of complaints from citizens Dismissed On December 26, he was initially charged with tax evasion for failing to activate his body camera and for not providing medical assistance to Hill, but those allegations were dropped.

Koe’s lawyers successfully argued that the officer did not violate any duties because he was operating an emergency that did not require activation of the camera.

Police have launched their own investigations into the Ohio Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney for Central Ohio, and the FBI shooting outside of the internal investigation.

Following Hill’s death, Mayor Andrew Ginther forced Police Chief Thomas Quinlan in January, saying he had lost confidence in the chief’s ability to bring about the necessary changes in the department.

The city is narrowing down a list of candidates for the new chief with an announcement expected later this month. All candidates are outsiders, Ginter said, adding that an outsider is needed to bring about broad cultural change in the department.

Crowds gather in front of the Ohio Statehouse during a protest after Columbus police shot and killed 16-year-old Machiavelli Bryant on April 20. [Jay LaPrete/AP Photo]

The department is investigating the recent deadly shooting of blacks by white officers, including the death of a 16-year-old. Ma’khia Bryant April 20. And earlier this month, a federal judge instructed the city to change the way it responds to mass protests, saying officers carried out “amoks” during protests against racial injustice and police brutality last summer.

Jinthar and other officials are invited Of the judiciary To review the agency for deficits and racial discrimination in several cases last month.

The announcement of the settlement has been followed by other large sums of money in recent months in cities over the killing of blacks by white officials.

In March, the city of Minneapolis reached 27m Settlement With family George Floyd Before the trial of Derek Chauvin, a former white officer accused of killing Floyd. Chauvin was Convicted About nine-and-a-half minutes after Floyd knelt down on his neck about second-degree involuntary manslaughter, third-degree murder, and second-degree homicide, Floyd said he could not breathe and became motionless.

In September, the city of Louisville, Kentucky, Agree ো 12 million to Brecona Taylor’s family and to reform police practices. Taylor was He was shot dead Acting on knock-warrants by officers.

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