Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

A picture of a Pixel 5 hand with Android 12 Easter eggs

Android 12 Easter Eggs can be beautiful and colorful if your wallpaper is also colorful.
Pictures: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

Welcome to another misleading software rollout from Google: Months later Beta, Android 12 has been officially released. However, it is still not being introduced on smartphones everywhere. If you’re expecting an Android 12 update, wait: it’s coming in the next few weeks.

Google Announced Android 12 Rollout is planned in a post on its developer’s blog. Android 12K has been included in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), which means manufacturers can grab the code and tune it to suit their hardware needs. The rest of us, just regular users, have to wait until we get a prompt to update.

Google’s Pixel smartphone will get the first update. THe Pixel 3 And new pixel devices Get the next version of Android. The Pixel 2 and the first generation have been Pixel Retired From the full update. Upcoming Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Android 12 will pre-load when they launch – whatever it is, we’re still waiting for the official release date for Google’s flagship smartphone.

Samsung and OnePlus devices are expected to receive an Android 12 update, though these devices will be scheduled “later this year.” We already know that Samsung and OnePlus are running beta programs. Samsung has recently launched OneUI 4.0 Beta, Which runs Android 12 on the Galaxy S21 series. OnePlus OxygenOS 12 open beta OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are now available for users. Other OnePlus devices will likely receive the update later this year.

Google says Oppo, Realme, Tecno, Vivo and Xiaomi Foreign brands will get Android 12 later this year. For other Android manufacturers, you need to check their update history to see when your device will see the update.

The company plans to release more “details” about Android 12 Android Developer Summit, Happening October 27-28. The event will revolve around technically-centric Android sessions for developers, but it will provide a full picture of everything Google has changed in the new mobile OS.

We’ve used Android 12 Beta since it launched and created a preview of all the features for you Here it is. Every device updated to Android 12 will get new material that you design Language Material which is also known as Material Design as. This includes redesigned notification shades, rounded corners, new color widgets, dynamic color theming. There are advanced privacy features, microphone and camera usage indicators and even a gaming mode.

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