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An image of three ways that Android 12L can be used on a tablet

Android 12L is designed for larger screens, larger screens and larger screens.
Pictures: Google

The Android tablet will get better soon, Or at least it looks like Google is hoping it will Android 12L. Designed for this new version of Android Tablet-sized screens and anything above 600dp, and available to developers today.

For everyone else, the Android 12L should arrive early next year – just in time for “the next wave of Android 12 tablets and foldable,” Google wrote. Blog post. The The full release is due in the second quarter of 2022.

The Android 12L looks and feels like Android 12 on a smartphone, but it has been optimized for the larger screen under the hood. Notification shades, lock screens, and other parts of the system use a two-column layout so that no part of the screen is left unused.

An image in split-screen mode.

Split-screen mode will make it easy to jump between two apps on Android 12.
Pictures: Google

Android 12L has a new taskbar at the bottom of the interface, similar to the one available in Chrome OS. You can pin frequently used apps and access them as you go through the windows. You can even drag and pin an app on both sides of the screen like a desktop OS, which will make it easier to work between two apps. Google has reduced the number of steps it takes to split the screen, which was previously a significant pain issue for Android tablet users. By default, all apps can enter split-screen mode if the app is resized.

Android 12L will also work with folding displays. Smartphones like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 It can take advantage of this mode when it is open Letterboxing and The material is you Adaptive theming will also be used to make the apps look beautiful. And older versions of Android will lag behindCompatible with apps optimized for -12L.

The multitasking mode of Android 12L seems to work just like Chrome OS.
GIF: Google

You’ll have a much easier time finding tablet apps in the Play Store. Google is updating the Play Store to prioritize apps that follow its search results The Large screen application quality guide. The store will give you A warning prompt to let you know if you are about to download an app that is not designed for use on a large screen.

Sales of large screen devices, With Google’s own Chrome OS laptops and hybrids, There is Increase Inside The last few years. But not everyone wants to use Chrome OS. Apple, Microsoft and even Samsung, which has its own adoption of Android, Optimized Their interface For tablets, Google’s Android lags behind.

We saw with tHe Pixel slate, It’s clean Chrome OS was not the answer to Android tablet problems. It will be interesting to see if some modification of the existing OS will be enough to help a person decide between a cheaper iPad and an Android tablet. At the very least, it will make Android much more usable on screens larger than 7 Inches

For those who are interested in tinkering with Android 12L before it becomes widely available, the developer preview is coming soon to the Lenovo P12 Pro. In a keynote address at its developer Summit, Google further announced that some features will soon make their way into the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

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