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At the moment, Florida bans on mask orders in public schools can be compared Katy Perry is famous Song, “Hot n Cold.” Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes it’s not a yes.

On Friday, the state’s first district appellate court Has issued a stay order Which reinstates the ban on the official Ron de Santis school mask order, Which imposes financial penalties on school board members who support the mask obligation. The appellate court overturned an earlier ruling by Leon County Circuit Judge John Cooper, who said this week that the state had exceeded its authority and could not impose a ban on the mask order placed to protect against Covid-1.

“It’s no surprise here – 1st DCA restores parents’ right to make the best decisions for their children,” Desantis said. Tweeted Friday. “I will continue to fight for parental rights.”

Lawsuit, which challenges the banned dissent Signed at the end of July, Was raised by parents who opposed the state’s decision against the mandate. According to the Associated Press, 1 school board has made the mask mandatory for their district. Masks are compulsory for more than half of Florida’s 2.8 million students.

Currently, masks are mandatory Florida School District allows students to give up a use for medical reasons, but not because of parental preference. Descent Maintained Parents have the final say on whether their children should wear school masks under the state’s parental rights law, which establishes parental rights to their children’s education, upbringing and health.

Cooper, Lyon County cThe Ericit judge said the evidence provided by parents who opposed the de-Santis ban clearly showed that wearing masks gives children some protection in crowded schools. The mask may be particularly helpful for children under 12, the judge noted, adding that no Covid-1 vaccine has yet been approved for this age group.

Friday, Food and Drug Administration At the moment it warns parents against vaccinating children under the age of 12 and urges them to wait for the results of their clinical trials.

That was about the state’s claim Enforcing the Parents Bill of Rights, Cooper said the law allows parents to make health and education decisions for their children, unless a government agency such as a school board, Can show the action is reasonable and directed to deal with the situation. Cooper noted that the state is only implementing the first Part of the law, The AP reported.

“You have to show authority to do what you’re doing,” Cooper said. “You can’t enforce parts of that law, but not all of them.”

However, the appellate court said Cooper’s stay should not have been revoked, which prevented the ban from taking effect, as the state wanted a further judicial review of the case.

“We have serious doubts about our position, jurisdiction and other marginal issues,” the first district court judges on appeal said. Stated. “In light of the presumption against the automatic suspension, the appeal should have been adjourned for review.”

Mask compulsory school districts seem to have no desire to ride the judicial roller coaster. Many have chosen to keep their mandate appropriate until the problem arises Standing in court.

Vicky Cartwright, interim superintendent of Broward County Public Schools, told a news conference that the district would continue to enforce its mask order.

“We are in the midst of an epidemic and we have been able to respond accordingly in the best interests of our students regarding the epidemic,” Cartwright said, as reported by CNN. “We are awaiting the future verdict of the district appellate court.”

A lawyer representing the parents Sure That they have already appealed their case to the Florida Supreme Court.

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