Apple and Epic laid out the strategies for their upcoming court battle

Apple and Epic have outlined their arguments in Apex Sue on App Store Policies, And it is clear that both sides do not want to budget from their initial position. FOSS patents There is Received The filings show that Epic will focus on its claim that Apple is abusing the App Store review process to reduce competition. Apple, for example, only allows titles through the App Store and uses a variety of measures to lock people in its products, so it can use its app review process to reduce competition behind security. Apple’s 30 percent fee manages to pay more for software like users FortnetThe app contains in-app purchases.

In the case of Apple, the case revolves around both the benefits and stability of the App Store. The 30 percent cut is available on Google Play Store, Steam and console games stores, according to the company. The firm also maintained that it faced competition from both rival outlets and hardware. The App Store is a central, integrated feature of the iPhone, both Apple says and policies have led it Growth in the software market And provided greater protection.

Both positions are not uncommon. Epic has identified itself as A. Champion of fair competition Since it has sued, and Apple has long held that its control over app distribution is best for consumers. The most exciting aspect of the trial may be the testimony. Both sides want the top executive Like Tim Cook and Tim Sweeney Take a position, and if someone is caught off-guard, it can lead to drama.

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