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I'm a spy ... an iPhone without a notch.

I’m a spy … an iPhone without a notch.
Screenshot: Apple TV +

Apple TV + Ted Lasso A fake American football coach has been hired to help a stumbling British soccer club, but The gadget nerds were buzzing about something else they saw in last Friday’s episode: a Potential notch-free iPhone 13.

Its cast Ted Lasso The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes of Apple Products, but viewers have noticed something unusual in a scene where a. The character gives out his IPCheck a message. As you can see in the picture above, tThere were no grooves here. The back of the phone looks like an iPhone 12, though Not in front Unique Notch We all come to love and respect without any animosity. The same default wallpaper seems to have been used in iOS 14.

It looks like an iPhone 12 from the back.  Rebecca's face is now Apple.

It looks like an iPhone 12 from the back. Rebecca’s face is now apple.
Pictures: Apple TV +

Apple is notorious for its privacy, so it seems unlikely that this is a deliberate signal that the notch is disappearing from the iPhone 13. That said, it has been rumored for months that the iPhone 13 Will There is Lots of small notch or hole-punch selfies The camera. However, the full nutsless display The card is not believed to be there For this year’s iPhone. It is also possible that it was an unintentional fool during the post-editing process. After all, there are several close-up shots of iPhones in the same episode where the groove is visibly present. Although Twitter users It seems Identify multiple instances Knuckles phone, so who can say?

CGI is actually quite widely used Ted LassoMost of the scenes are where the fictional football club AFC Richmond plays their match at the crowded stadium. (You can watch a clear video The Mary Sue To see how wide the visual effects shots can be.) Viewers across the Internet are also convinced that Brett Goldstein, the actor who played Roy Kent, is somehow A completely CGI character As part of a wider Apple conspiracy. The latter is obviously a bit out of place, but part of the DNA of the CGI show, it’s not entirely impossible that perhaps any editor fell into a somewhat heavier hand in the accident.

Whether it’s a stupid consent or a complete gaffe, we’ll have to wait a long time to see what the iPhone 13 will look like. There are rumors of phones being turned on Sale on 17 September, Means we should get word about an iPhone launch event next week.

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