Apple emails reveals how it tried to stop Netflix from purchasing app iOS

Before dropping the app purchase on the Netflix iOS store, Apple really tried to persuade them to hold on to the option published according to their internal emails. Epic vs. Apple Court case. Spotted by 9to5 Mac, Documents show that Apple offered to advertise Netflix in its retail stores, pay for search ads, and even bundle Netflix with its own services.

The Netflix app has dropped purchases from the iOS store December of 2018, However, that decision was still in the planning stage when the emails were circulated in early 2018. According to several threads, Netflix planned to conduct a detailed study on the effects of disabling application activity on iOS. It said it was concerned that users who signed up for Netflix on iOS were more likely to cancel than to join Netflix’s website or other means. (And there was no doubt that Apple would suffer a loss by 30 percent.) As a result, Netflix wanted to run a two-month test in selected markets, disabling application activity.

Apples can certainly reduce revenue significantly. At first it considered penalizing Netflix, but by July 2018, it had made a presentation aimed at suppressing streamers in favor of keeping app purchases. It highlighted all the promotional work done for Netflix, noting that it featured more than any other developer, and noted that its ads increased downloads by up to seven percent. It also offered customer discounts, bundling with Apple services and other parks never offered to other partners.

Netflix, of course, has finally dropped app subscriptions for new iOS signups and doesn’t seem to be hitting, as it recently hit 200 million subscribersr sign. In terms of epic games, the episode could be made to show that Apple is willing to cut deals for its largest, most profitable partners. As such, it could probably be used to undermine Apple’s argument that it would not be right to give Epic a special rate.

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