Wed. Dec 1st, 2021

Apple has said it will notify victims The fight against state-sponsored spyware, And now it’s clear what would happen if you were one of those goals. MacRumors Comments There are apples Details How it warns users when it believes they have been targeted by state-sponsored attackers. You will receive both email and iMessage notifications at the address and phone numbers associated with your Apple ID. If you visit, You will also see a prominent “threat notification” message indicating what happened and when

The company insists that these notifications never ask you to click on a link, download content or share login details such as passwords and verification codes. It has instead asked users to visit the Apple ID website to verify the alert. Apple also pointed users to a consumer report list Emergency resources If you do not receive notice, you are still reasonably confident that you have been attacked, by state actors or harassers.

Such notifications are not new. Google, for example, has Inform potential victims For years. Apple’s explanation is relevant in light of the concerns of the NSO group and others about spyware, and it can be important if you are an activist, journalist or other critic who could easily be attacked by an oppressive government.

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