Wed. Oct 20th, 2021

You have the option to re-download Apple’s internal apps for a while, but you can’t write app store reviews for them as you would for third party titles. Apple is now considering its apps as equals. 9to5Mac Comments Apple has quietly enabled App Store ratings and reviews for its own software. If you want to appreciate Map improvements Or trash mail, you can.

The amount of reviews is relatively low compared to similar third-party apps that have been around for years, such as Gmail or Google Maps. However, you will not be surprised to hear that the ratings are relatively low. Apple’s podcast client is sitting in two stars at the time of this writing, and Apple News is sitting in 2.3 stars. The map has made its partial correction Early fame With three star ratings. Like third-party software, some customers are using ratings and reviews about technical issues instead of design.

These changes could help Apple use its apps more fairly, and even help the company find and respond to criticism. It could similarly be seen as another way to improve the public perception of the App Store. At the top of an epic case that could soon force Apple Change App Store policy, IPhone makers have preemptively Has stopped supporting its own apps Rings in ranking and Reduce its cut App revenue for small developers. Ratings and reviews won’t dramatically change Apple’s image, but they probably won’t hurt.

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