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Apple Fitness + Is Bringing Guided Audio Runs To Your Apple Watch

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Apple Fitness + Its workout is starting You know. 10 Including audio runs led by instructors, Similar to what you get in other apps like Peloton and Nike Run Club. Workouts known as “Time to Run”When walkingThe series was launched by Apple last January.

BBecause this is the Apple we are talking about, not the guided walk Convenient only by any old fitness instructor. The main lineup Was A bunch of celebrities, including pop star Shawn Mendes, have hosted talks about their lives and the songs they listen to, Orange is the new black Star Uzo Aduba, and NBA player Draymond Green. Apple is launching a new guided walk Rebels Wilson, Bernice A. King and Hassan Minhaj.

The “Time to Run” workout feature is designed in much the same way: “an audio playing experience” through which users will be guided by isolated voices. Instead of shouting at you when celebrities are running, Apple wisely chose to leave the workout to professionals. The “Time to Run” workouts will be hosted by existing Apple Fitness + trainers who will guide users through popular running routes in some notable cities, including London, Brooklyn and Miami Beach, Apple said, adding that new episodes will be launched every Monday.

The “Time to Run” workout, like the “Time to Walk”, will be available on the Apple Watch. You can pair Bluetooth headphones with a watch for running.

Creating a list of updates, Apple has also introduced a new collection feature, which will group “a curated series of workouts and meditations” in addition to the proposed plan “to help the user choose intentional training.” T.He is in that six categories Workouts will be sorted into:

  • 30-DAy The main challenge
  • Improve your posture with Pilates
  • Perfect andOur yoga balance posture
  • Y runOur first 5K
  • Strengthen Y.Behind us, the stretched YOur hips
  • Down the air for a good bedtime

Since launching Fitness +As of December 2020, Apple has already collected a significant portion of the workouts for filtering in these categories and is currently Almost a library 2,000 individual workouts.

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