Apple has confirmed the April 20 launch event, with the new iPad and Mac expected

Mark your calendars, friends: Apple just sent out invitations for the launch event on April 20 at 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Siri suggested It will be this morning. And as usual, Apple doesn’t think it can help itself: the invitation’s tagline refers to the event as “Spring Loaded,” which may be a subtle reference to the products the company is expected to unveil next week. Apple is at least the right time to release a set of new iPad programs, and uninterrupted rumors argue that the new Apple Silicon Max, AirPods and possibly those long-awaited Airtags trackers could soon claim their share in Limelight.

The word of Apple’s latest launch follows the announcement of another high-profile event – the company I have confirmed it before Months Its Global Developers Conference, which starts on June 11-11, will be virtual for the second year in a row. And beyond that, today’s news has been speculating for months about when Apple’s next big event will happen. For a while, prognosticators identified March 16th as probably the most probable date, when the first prediction was not published, the focus shifted to March 23rd and finally to April 6th. Now that we know When As the event unfolds, we can focus more closely on what Apple plans to announce.


Instantly the most company changes are for your desk. Although Apple has come out with a push New iMacs with 10th-generation Intel processors last summer, All the signs are paired with more powerful versions of the Apple Silicon chipset that we first saw in the MacBook Airs and Pros in 2021, and inspired by the expensive Pro Display XDR monitor, pointing to a SpyFy redesign for 2021.

Speaking of spike bumps, we often expect from the 2021 iPad Pro. Current rumors suggest that Apple has not adapted the physical design of most of its premium tablets – instead, the company has focused on incorporating an upgraded A14X chipset and a new mini-LED display that provides enhanced brightness, deeper blackness and improved contrast ratio. And as part of the pressure to make its Pro-grade tablets more “Pro”, Apple may have kits with 5G radios (matching last year’s popular iPhone 12 series) and a Thunderbolt USB-C port for better compatibility.

Meanwhile, the iPad Mini – a tablet that basically looks the same since 2012 – will eventually make a change to include a larger display. (Rumors and analysts’ progress reports show a presence somewhere in the 8-inch range, although there is no sensation about the exact size)) Apple will announce an updated version. Its 10.2-inch, non-frills iPad, But the fact that it refreshed this model less than a year ago means that we still doubt it going to this event.

We’re missing something more here – like, say, a new one IPhone SE – But the evidence they showed earlier this year doesn’t seem so credible. Said, who does not announce the announcement of surprise? Thanks, we won’t have to wait any longer before Apple fully shows its hand – consider rem to be safe for our live event coverage.

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