Apple has expressed concern about updating airtags

Apple has updated Airtags to address privacy concerns related to Bluetooth trackers. With the change, Apple is shortening the time that an airtag can be separated from its owner without any noise.

An Apple spokesman said in a statement: “From today, we will update the time period after which we will continue to improve the privacy and security of Airtags. “This period varies randomly from three days to 8 to 24 hours.”

This may sound like a minor change, but it does mean that Apple has not done enough to address the issue. The Washington Post Previously, the three-day window had made it “terribly easy” for a potential stalker to search for a prey for several days before receiving any kind of warning that the airtag had been secretly placed in their luggage.

To allay privacy concerns, Apple is also planning an Android app that will help users identify “any airtags or my network-enabled accessories that can travel with a user”. Importantly, this app doesn’t seem to give Android users the full functionality of airtags, but it will give iPhone owners a way to find unwanted trackers. On the one hand, it still helps potential stalk hunters actively download a new app and find an airtag that seems unrealistic. On the other hand, it shows that Apple is responsive to privacy concerns and open to strengthening the device’s existing presence. .

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