Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Last year, Apple On A repair / replacement program for AirPods Pro Units experiencing sound problems such as cracking or static. It was supposed to last only two years after the first bud sale on October 30, 2019, which means the program is going to close in a few weeks. As no one noticed at first Reddit, However, the tech giant has silently updated its program information page to expand its availability. “This program covers the affected AirPods Pro for 3 years after the first retail sale of the unit.” Updated page Fall, gives people a chance to exchange their flawed buds within the next year.

Apple has previously said that a “small percentage” of units produced before October 2020 could be affected by the issue. The program covers cracks or static sound displays in loud environments, or when the user is exercising or talking on the phone. It also covers units with faulty active noise cancellation that show irregularities, such as lightning loss or background sound increase. According to some Commentators In the Reddit post, even their buds formed after October 2020 were showing noise problems. Although those models are no longer technically covered by the program, users were still able to contact Apple to replace them.

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