Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Apple has hired Google AI veteran Sami Benzio, one of the company’s most prominent employees, to step down. Fallout From the shooting of two female researchers. Reuters, Which broke the news, mentioning that Benzio will lead a new AI research unit at Apple, reunited with him Formerly Google Luminary – and the current Apple VP of machine learning and AI strategyJohn Gianandrea.

Benzio left Google last week after 14 years in the company ControversialDismissed Among the two ethical AI co-leaders who informed him were Timnit Gebru and Margaret Mitchell. Both researchers advocated for diversity in their case and warned separately about the dangers of large language models and algorithmic biases. Their fraud is a request Internal noise The search giant and In Spacious AI Academic Brotherhood

In this Statement Posting on Facebook after Zebru was ousted, Benzio said he was stunned and he came to the side of Timnit and the rest of his team. Google reacted by reorganizing its Ethical AI Research Unit to retain Dr. Marian Crook as its leader in February – a move that reduced Benzio’s duties.Bloomberg.

For Apple, the rent marks the latest one by one String Google adopts AI talent as it encourages machine learning smarts through recruitment and through TechnologyAcquisition. Benzio was a senior member of the Google Brain Research Team, which created AI’s breakthroughs. Brain mapping, Image upscaling And Accessibility.

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