Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Mobile app stores are spreading across the high-profile community Anti-wax misinformation. Bloomberg Report Apple has removed a hybrid social and dating app for the unneeded to refer to the concept and themes of the Kovid-1 pandemic epidemic “inappropriately”. Uninjected bills as a place to find others who support “medical autonomy and freedom of speech”, the site’s social posts include false claims that vaccines modify genes, attach to 5G and act as “bioweapons”.

The founders of the app are also involved in the fight with their Android app. Google told Unjected July 1ject that it had two weeks to remove misleading posts from its app to avoid Play Store bans. The developers responded by pulling the social feed. However, co-creator Shelby Thompson said she planned to reject the request by retrieving both the injected feed and the offensive post.

We asked Apple and Google for comments. Despite that social network, the obsolete has a presence on Instagram Wrong misinformation positionAlthough this account mostly promotes his views on “freedom” and only occasionally mentions lies, such as the false claim that the mRNA vaccine alters DNA. We also asked Facebook for an answer.

Unzipped compared to mainstream social networks, about 18,000 app downloads (according to Aptopia). However, crackdowns clearly serve as a warning-Apple and Google will not tolerate applications that knowingly accept and promote anti-wax content, even if they do not directly create that content.

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