Fri. Dec 3rd, 2021

Apple may be interested in making it smaller in the future Complaints about working conditions. NBC News It said Received A newly published internal memo that tells employees that they are allowed to negotiate terms and pay outside the company. Staff should be free to talk about issues in a way that “feels most comfortable” with the manager and the people (human resources) team.

We asked Apple if it could confirm the memo and comment on the release. The statement will strengthen the rights of private workers already under the National Labor Relations Act, which allows workers to both organize and discuss situations, as well as Apple’s own conduct policy.

If the news is true, it could present a bittersweet moment for critics of Apple’s work culture. The memo supports their belief that the company unfairly closed the survey and slack channels by saying limited about labor issues. Employees like Ashley Giovic Apple has also been accused of punishing employees for speaking out on leave or even being fired.

However, the statement was delayed in preventing significant damage. Apple now faces eight labor charges, including harassment and unjust dismissal. Outspoken #AppleToo Advocate Cher Scarlett (who settled with Apple) Leaving the companyAlthough this kind of memo may allow further discussion to proceed, it does not change the past.

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