Mon. Jan 24th, 2022

Apple could use its now-custom Spring event to update its most affordable smartphones. BloombergMark Gurman has made his latest claim Newsletter Apple is expected to introduce third generation IPhone SE This spring through a virtual presentation is “probably” happening in March or April. Echoing past rumors, Gurman realized that the new SE would still stick to the iPhone 8-era design but would add 5G and a new processor – probably from the A15. iPhone 13, If there is any indication of Apple’s history of using high-end chips last year.

There was no mention of other changes. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Apple increased the storage to 128GB or updated the camera sensor (again borrowed from the iPhone 8), but they’re not sure about Apple’s low-cost focus on the iPhone SE. A large 5G battery may usually require compensation for high power drains.

If the leaks are correct, the new iPhone SE will be frustrating for those who want a modern almost all-screen design. You’ll still have a relatively small screen, a thick bezel, and a button-based fingerprint reader. As we mentioned, though, price is everything for SEO. The মড 399 price of the current model helps Apple reach out to some customers who would not otherwise be able to justify an iPhone. The company would not want to do anything that could even persuade SE to maximize its potential audience, even with a slight price increase.

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