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Apple TV + is actually the image of an article titled a huge failure

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You know Apple TV + – Apple’s ad-free subscription entry-on-demand video streaming war, but you actually do I know About Apple TV +? If your question is answered,Ted Lasso, And that’s pretty much it, ”no one can blame you right.

Despite the undeniable success of the warm-up-and-obscure soccer comedy, it features Jason SudeiKiss (and others) Sensitive, human actor) And collectively collected 20 Emmy nominations, Apple TV + has no significant stand-outs – you may have heard Jennifer Aniston Go Morning show And nothing else. In the early days, tHe himself is weak in his efforts to market the platform, And Industry insiders have speculated That doesn’t have the chop to hack it towards the creative programming of the Apple entertainment business.

But all that, Information Reports may change: Apple is preparing to invest more than 500 500 million in marketing its flagship streaming service next year, with new TV and movie releases accelerating to at least one per week. Chris Rice-Vice President of Endeavor Content, a production studio that has partnered with Apple on various projects, told The Information what the company is currently trying to do. It was “big and bold” and said it was “in a state of constant acceleration”.

If you’ve been drinking tea, the decision to make a big bet on the streaming service is understandable: Apple has long hinted that it wants to play long games with Apple TV +, even shelling for a dedicated Apple TV + button on the Rococo remote from its long-term break. The tradition of siloing his apps on his own hardware is dead. Significantly, Apple TV + is also available on smart TVs made by non-Apple manufacturers

Despite the lack of deep benches Premium The original that HBO Max and Netflix offer, Apple TV + has posted respectable subscriber numbers since its debut in November. 1, 2019 – A fact that is probably largely responsible for its high-average name recognition. Although streaming services of big names like Netflix and Disney + Maintaining market dominance, Apple TV + garnered nearly 40 million subscribers by the end of last year, a person familiar with the numbers told The Information, about half of which had a free trial period. (For reference, reported about Disney + 116 million subscribers In August, and Netflix, which is currently leading the pack, is in the vicinity 209 million.)

The data also reports that Apple is Looking to acquire a studio lot so that it can increase production in its own original production, especially with a special focus on films. So for now, it seems, things are looking pink towards Apple, and we should expect to see more content soon. The news could be even more exciting if Apple doesn’t have an apparent appetite for ultra-saccharin, shown only with a programming mandate that “connects to humanity”. But hey, take what you get – and sometimes what you get is more Ted Lasso.

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