Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Apple’s health ambitions for AirPods may extend beyond their use Extend the conversation. The Wall Street Journal Formula Apple is exploring multiple ways that it can use AirPods as health devices. It can be used as a bud Hearing aids, But it can also use motion sensors to correct your posture. According to leaked documents, a prototype will include a thermometer to check your body temperature.

Features will not appear in 2022 and may not be available at all, sources said. Apple declined to comment.

Apple AirPods will face many hurdles in marketing as health gadgets. The company will likely need regulatory clearance for at least some features. A rule from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration may be enacted in 2022, but earbuds may still take months to approve. Bose had to wait a long time before he could even sell the FDA-Cleared Soundcontrol hearing aids.

There are also technical challenges. At the moment, AirPods Pro No more than .5.5 hours for listening (sound will be lost), and 5.5 hours for making calls – which will not be practical for health wearables that may sit in your ears all day. They need to be comfortable for a long time and adapt to different types of hearing loss.

It’s easy to see though that Apple could expand the usability of AirPods. With Apple Watch, Health can be a selling point that increases the audience beyond the enthusiastic core. It can also judge the relatively inadequate market for people who may have mild or moderate hearing loss, but may not be able to afford most hearing aids or prefer limited functionality and drab design that often defines the category.

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