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Apple refrains from selling all of its favorite products for the image of the article titled Supply Chain Crisis, costing the company 6 billion

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People want Apple products. While Apple would be more than happy to be compelled, it can’t, because there is a global supply chain crisis. The crisis is causing the company to sell billions upon billions of dollars and keep its money machine iPhone away from buyers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook on Thursday Told CNBC That has cost the company nearly $ 6 billion in lost sales costs due to supply chain limitations and Covid-19 production disruptions. Cook commented in light of the publication Of the company Fourth quarter financial results For the fiscal year, which for the first time in years missed analysts ’earnings and revenue estimates.

This does not mean that Apple did not have a successful quarter. It generated revenue of $ 83.4 billion, up 29% year-on-year and growing in all markets and product segments. The company did not perform as expected, less declining About $ 85 billion Revenue for the quarter that analysts have estimated.

“We had a very strong performance despite the larger than expected supply constraints, which we estimated at about $ 6 billion,” Cook said, according to CNBC.. “Supply constraints were driven by the industry’s wide-ranging chip shortages that have been talked about a lot and have hampered covid-related production in Southeast Asia.”

In a call with analysts, Cook said covid-related production disruptions have improved, but Chip deficit Restrictions on the supply of existing chips are related to the chips in the legacy nodes, he added.

Missed sales opportunities brought about by the supply crisis – which is there Affects iPhone 13 As well as Old products E.g. iPhone 11, iPhone 12, 2021 iMac, and Mac Pro, among others:The holiday season will only get worse, Apple’s CFO Luca Maestri warned in a call. The Assistant Printing Press Report

Despite this, Apple expects its delivery in the December quarter Maximum income In the history of the company. This may indicate that Apple is seeing high demand for it iPhone 13 And its other recently announced products, e.g. IPad mini, Apple Watch Series 7, Third generation Airpods, And Shroff.

The company’s fourth-quarter financial results provided more insight into the performance of the iPhone, Apple’s golden goose. It may be hard to believe, but iPhone sales rose to $ 38.9 billion, up 47% year on year. Over Years In other words, the company has managed to create a cult of iPhone stains that make a lot of money by upgrading frequently.

Nonetheless, Cook said the chip shortage is preventing Apple from selling as many iPhones as it wants.

“Demand remains very strong,” he said.

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