Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Following Report Which revealed that a significant percentage of the top app store apps were scams, allowing Apple users to report such behavior Edge. As part of iOS 15, the latest App Store update allows you to “report scams or fraud” for free, in-app purchases (IAP) and paid apps, if you install the app in question.

Features, detailed by Costa Elephatherio And Richard Mazkewich On Twitter, it goes far beyond the previous “Report a Problem” feature. You can now signal a scam or fraud and not just “report suspicious activity”, “report a quality problem”, “request a refund” or “find my content” as before. -Buy the app before exposing a scam or fraud, but not anymore.

The “Report a problem” feature has returned to the individual app list for the first time in years Edge Mark. Before that, it was located at the bottom of the Apps or Games tab and would send you to a separate website.

Apple predicted a major change in June when it released the new App Store Review Guidelines. Several sections included changes that saw Apple take a tougher line on fraud, scams and developer misconduct, TechCrunch Time specified.

Among the bad apps found in stores are VPNs that deceive customers into claiming that software, bad dating apps, QR readers, and apps are fraudulently big brands. The Washington Post Published earlier this year. Apps can defraud users from an estimated 48 million PostGuess what

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