Sun. May 22nd, 2022

Only one version of 5G is affected by the airport situation and it is the c-band spectrum (3.4GHz-4.2GHz) that ATT and Verizon recently acquired and are trying to implement. T-Mobile’s Ultra Capacity 5G runs on the 2.5GHz spectrum which does not interfere with the aviation equipment. T-Mobile already covers over 200 million people with this form of 5G. It’s the Goldilocks of network connections as it has fast speed and the signal can travel relatively far.

All of the carriers also have a 5G network that runs at similar frequencies that LTE uses already. It’s not as fast as the Ultra Capacity / Wideband networks but usually is faster and has lower latency than the 4G networks previously used on that spectrum.

Then there is millimeter wave spectrum 3. All of the carriers have some of this spectrum implemented in high traffic areas like sports venues and large arenas. This spectrum gets insanely fast speeds and low latency but the reception practically requires line of sight to the antenna sending the signal and travels only a few hundred feet.

Long story short, if you’re on the right network for the places you visit the most, it’s worth the upgrade to a 5G device.

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