Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Stop buying it IPhone Mount for your motorbike. A new one Apple support post First seen by Macromer, The technology giant has warned that high-amplitude vibrations, transmitted through the handlebars “especially generated by high-powered motorcycle engines”, could damage his phone’s camera. As the publication notes, that loss may be permanent. A simple Google search will reveal Post On The past A few years by users who had cameras Destruction After they mount their iPhone on their bike, most of the time they can use it for navigation.

Although Apple did not say why it is now issuing a warning, it did explain the reason for connecting the iPhone to a motorcycle. The company said the camera’s optical image stabilization (OIS) and close-loop autofocus (AF) features could be damaged by long-term exposure to high-amplitude vibrations. A camera’s OIS makes it possible to sense movement through a device’s gyroscope. In turn, the gyroscope changes its angle and the lens moves accordingly so that you can move accidentally while taking pictures.

Meanwhile, with the help of close-loop AF, a phone’s onboard magnetic sensor measures the vibrations to compensate for the movement, so that the lenses can be positioned correctly. E.g. Macromer Of note, all models from the iPhone 7 come with both features.

So, Apple says it is not recommended to attach the iPhone to a motorcycle with a high-power or high-volume engine. For mopeds and scooters, you may want to buy a vibration-damp mount to reduce the risk of damage অথবা or simply use a GPS device to make sure you don’t waste a device that costs hundreds to thousands of dollars more.

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