Apple stores in the United States will continue to order masks for the time being

Throughout the coronavirus epidemic, Apple’s retail operations The global situation has adapted to change, but it is not changing fundamentally The latest CDC public health proposal. According to BloombergIt has informed U.S. retailers that for the time being, the Mask Mandate and other COVID-19 methods will remain in place, even as more people in the country are being vaccinated.

This is consistent with some retailers like Target and CVS, while Walmart and Trader Joe have already eliminated the need for nationwide masks. Apple’s policies may also be flexible in local situations 9to5Mac Note that the number of lawsuits in Michigan has increased in recent weeks, with stores closed and then reopened. Express location. Apple experimented with this format late last year, where store walls are closed in a window where customers are served once together. As the epidemic (optimistic) wears off, it will be interesting to see which policies are reversed – and when – and which are reversed favorably.

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