Apple TV has unveiled its first combination podcast and TV series

Apples are No strangers to podcasts, But now it is using them to increase TV + viewership. Different Report There is Apple Introduced Line, Its first combination of a podcast with an original show. Former Navy SEAL Eddie Gala’s Jeffrey Zimbalist video documentary (shown here) doesn’t debut until the fall, but you can already Listen A six-part audio series of Apple podcasts includes interviews with Gallagher and his wife, an “exclusive report” and other insights into the soldier’s alleged criminal activity.

Gallagher was charged with war crimes in 2018 after posting a picture with a corpse in Iraq. Members of the platoon accused him of murder. A court acquitted everyone but one, and in 2012 President Trump pardoned the latter. Both the podcast and the video series aim to explore not only the crime of blasphemy, but also the “complex reality” of war. , Its impact falls on the confidential nature of soldiers and seal units.

Line Apple is reportedly planning to launch its Podcast app as a more competitive edge, whether it’s through a Possible service provided Or snapping up Exclusive show. It’s not hard to see why podcasts and original combo companies will explore – they can both take the podcast app and draw attention to Apple TV + productions before their premieres. It can also help Apple counter Moved to Spotify podcasts And give people reason to stay connected to the software included on their iPhones and Macs.

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