Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Apple has appreciated a lot New design of MacBook Pro Creative skills during this time “Unleashed” event, And it is updating its flagship media editing software to take full advantage of advanced hardware. The company has Is released Newer versions of Final Cut Pro (10.6) and Logic Pro (10.7) that use the M1 Pro and M1 Max, especially in video processing and machine learning. The FCP editor can simultaneously play seven streams of 8K ProRes and export five times faster in the format – no credit for a laptop, as Apple was keen to hint. You can even view color-grade 8K HDR footage using the MacBook Pro’s built-in screen.

There is a new object tracker that you can use to connect animated effects to faces and objects. You can easily edit video from cinematic mode IPhone 13 series, Too. Motion now speeds up visual effects twice, and can run two 8K video streams at five times the previous frame rate. Compressors, meanwhile, transcode HEVC video twice as fast, and ProRes ten times faster. And if you live in the world of Canon, you can transcode movie RAW Lite videos to another format for the first time. There is even a Watch Folder feature that will automatically encode content when it reaches a specific folder – especially helpful for facilitating a workflow within a group.

The Logic Pro update, meanwhile, focuses on creating spatial audio – just in time New airpod, Of course. New mixers, panners and plugins allow you to track author Dolby Atoms, and new MacBook professionals can use their combined performance to create particularly advanced mixes. Music editing tools are now integrated with it Producer Pack You’ve also seen GarageBand, so you can integrate royalty-free bits and samples from the likes of Boys Noise, Mark Ronson and Trackgirl.

Both updates are free for existing users. Final Cut Pro typically costs $ 300 for new users, with Motion and Compressor costing $ 50. The Logic Pro is priced at 200. Upgrades make the most sense if you invest heavily in ProRes or want to publish Apple Music. Still, it’s easy to see the appeal, at least for FCP. You can quickly turn around certain video projects using just your MacBook Pro, even if you’re initially working with 8K footage.

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