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In disguise Too hard, too hard to test Apple’s latest smartwatch Series 7, I have spent a lot of time riding bikes for the last two weeks. Almost all new additions have revolved around making it more bike-friendly, with improved fall detection algorithms for cycling and the ability to accurately measure calories burned while riding an electric bike as opposed to a regular bike. Also, this Apple Watch is more dust-resistant than before and has stronger glass to protect the screen.

These bike-friendly features are excellent. I have Lots of electricity And to test it with analog bikes, and I’ve seen that the Series 7 automatically detects that is as fast as outdoor cycling. It automatically pauses and restarts, allowing me to work while biking around me.

But after trying to parse a variety of cycling workouts on Apple’s fitness app, I began to realize that the new algorithm … doesn’t really matter. Ebikeking is highly variable in terms of design. Just like a normal bike, you can go up or down and you can turn the electrical aid on or off. You can go to the store on an analog bike, or ride a mini eBay in the skate park. If you do not ride an electric bike Next For riding an analog bike, direct comparison is really hard.

This is how I feel about most of the improvements to the Apple Watch Series 7. I can See How useful they will be, but in real life, the usefulness of these improvements is less and less limited to people. It’s not that Series 7 Bad. Undoubtedly, it is better to make incremental improvements in the favorite part of the hardware instead of the shoe horn in the new feature just for the sake of innovation. Still, it makes the reviews much less exciting.

The actual color

Photo: Apple

This year, the aluminum case comes in four new, updated colors মধ্য midnight (which seems darker-blue than black), starlight, green, and blue. I chose Starlight, which has a slightly pinkish silver tone that goes very well with the new pink color. IPad mini.

The standout feature displays an update. It is 20 percent bigger than that Series 6 Display with small bezel around the screen. Placed next to my 40-mm Series 6, the case of the 41-mm Series 7 doesn’t look significantly larger. The screen itself, however, Is Big and bright.

Apple-owned faces emphasize the small bezel. But if you ask me, the best way to take advantage of every spec of real estate is to set a portrait photo as the face of your watch on that bright, bright display. Apple’s new contour face, which squishes the bell marks on the watch to the edge of the bezel, looks ridiculous. At that time no one says.

The Series 7 has a new refractive edge that shows the display wrapped around the case. Such neat. I can see the display of the Series 7 at a much more diagonal angle than the Series 6. I Thought I could use it Fitness + workout, But it turns out that I still have to rotate my wrist to see something useful. This is basically to make sure that the clock is on and that you are recording your workouts

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