Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

We hope you are not planning to festoon your wrist with titanium Apple Watch Series 6. E.g. Bloomberg Mark Gurman and Mac rumors Remember, the Titanium Apple Watch is widely unavailable through the company’s online stores in the United States and other countries, whether you try delivery or pick-up. This applies regardless of your case or strap choice.

Gurman speculated in his “Power On” newsletter that Apple had underestimated demand. It probably made a small number of titanium Apple watches and stopped production “months ago” in hopes of changing the focus. Series 7According to Gurman, however, sales were relatively strong and ended prematurely. While we won’t classify the Titanium Series 6 as a fugitive hit if that’s true, Apple’s luxurious wrists may bear better fruit than expected.

Uncertain whether Apple will offer a Titanium Series 7. The technology giant has often abandoned its Watch Edition strategy, Digging its hard gold core More affordable ceramics and, finally, titanium. It may decide that the cost of making an upscale watch does not justify a relatively small sale. There is always a harem model if you want to splurge. At the same time, though, titanium versions don’t cost so much in practice – and they can serve as a hello watch that attracts conventional watch enthusiasts as well as the rich.

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