Thu. Jan 20th, 2022

Apple is again respecting its essential rules Allow alternative payment options In the App Store, though it is highly specific. As Reuters Report, Apples Sure It will comply with orders from the Dutch authorities for consumers and markets by forcing third-party payment systems on Tinder and other locally offered dating apps. The regulator ruled on December 24 that Apple had abused its market power by requiring its in-app purchasing platform and gave Apple until January 15 to change if it wanted to avoid penalties.

As with past decisions, Apple was not happy. It claims that allowing third-party options will “compromise user experience” when creating new privacy and security threats, and reminds developers that they (or their payment partners) will be responsible for refunds and handling similar issues. Apple is appealing against the ACM’s decision.

The order does not affect other apps available in the Netherlands. However, it reflects growing regulatory opposition to Apple’s App Store business model in multiple countries, including South Korea. And the US. Officials are increasingly convinced that Apple is using its in-app purchasing requirements to stifle competition, and it should come as no surprise that other countries have followed suit long ago.

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