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If you own an iPhone 12 or 12 Pro and have recently encountered some annoying speaker issues, you may be lucky and eligible for a free Apple repair.

Made by Apple Announcement A blog post states that a small number of devices made between October 2020 and April 2021 may experience a sound problem due to a component failure. In the receiver module. Free repairs will not significantly apply to iPhone 12 minis or iPhone 12 Pro Max models.

Apple has said that users of devices that are unable to remove the sound from their receivers when they make or receive calls may be eligible for free repairs. If you think this applies to you, there are several ways to get your free service Users can use either This link To find an Apple Authorized Service Provider, Apple support To mail Service route, or simply put one Appointment In a retail store.

The news comes on a major heel, and somewhat unexpected Discount From the fighting company To allow independent technologists Repair device. In that case Apple Announcement It is developing a new self-service repair program that will see Apple sell parts and equipment needed for repairs to independent technologists. General public, The long-standing demand of lawyers for the right to repair. The move marks an exit for a company that previously held an iron grip for repairs and imposed harsh fines on technicians who are non-existent.Approved Apple products.

In its announcement, Apple said that the first phase of the program will focus on “the most common service modules” such as displays, batteries. And cameras, including the ability to make additional repairs next year.

Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer, said in a statement: “Creating more access to Apple’s original devices gives our customers more choice if a repair is needed.” A week after Apple announced the self-service repair Announcement It will release a software update that will make it easier for independent technologists to repair the iPhone 13s without compromising the FaceID feature.

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