Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

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Don’t worry if you have been tempted by AirPods MaxBut those tears are closed by the initial price tag – they are a fairly good value at the moment. Amazon is running a sale for Apple’s over-the-year headphones that lowers the price From $ 430, Or খ 120 less than their official sticker. The discount applies regardless of color, so you can spring Blue, Pink Or any other shade.

Buy AirPods Max (Sky Blue) on Amazon – $ 430
Buy AirPods Max (Space Gray) on Amazon – 430
Buy AirPods Max (Pink) on Amazon – $ 430

Although AirPods Max is expensive, you will get a lot for your money. They provide a balanced sound with an adaptive EQ (to optimize for your ears) and solid active sound cancellation. You can expect healthy battery life, convenient controls, and tight integration with Apple devices – the usual setup and the hassle of changing devices won’t be a problem. Over time they have become more valuable. Now that Apple Music offers spatial audio, You can immerse yourself in the song which takes advantage of the all-bound word stage.

Some familiar warnings still apply. You can buy such competitive headphones Sony’s WH-1000XM4 Or Bose 700 For less, and they can benefit the main area. If you prefer Android or Windows, their Apple-centric focus makes them less attractive. And you Can’t listen to lossless Apple music Audio even when you are plugged in. With that said, the sale price has made the AirPods Max easy enough if you have an Apple device and enjoy the attractive design.

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