Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

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Apple’s AirTags is a great way to keep track of a new backpack or wallet that was given to you as a holiday gift, and now you can get a tracker at a lower cost. Amazon has a single Airtag For $ 24, which is $ 5 less than usual and a new record-low. We’ve seen AirTags in less time than during the four-pack Woot Sale. However, if you only want one tracker, this is the best price we’ve seen – and while it’s a relatively small discount, it’s an accessory that rarely sells.

Buy AirTag on Amazon – $ 24

Airtag Designed to work with the iPhone, which means you’ll have a nice non-stop experience from the moment you take the coin-shaped tracker out of the box. The Find My app will instantly recognize AirTag and you can label it with the name of anything associated with it. Since there are no keyholes in the airtag, if you want to secure the tracker to your keys you will need some kind of case or container, you can find Affordable AirTag Accessories Easily across the web. No matter how small the airtags are, they can easily fit in your backpack or folded wallet without any problems.

Once set up, you can go back to the Find My app to locate your lost belongings and force AirTag to issue a chime so that you can easily find your belongings when you’re still relatively close. Also, if you have an iPhone that supports ultra-wideband, AirTag’s Precision Finding feature can take you directly to your things, including directions to your handset’s screen. You may have to wait a bit to get an AirTag because Amazon’s estimated delivery time is the end of January, but now is a good opportunity to add an AirTag to your Apple setup and save some money while doing it.

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