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AirTags are some of the most affordable Apple gadgets you can get, which is probably why it’s hard to get deep discounts on them. Last week, We saw that a tracker dropped to $ 24 and a four-pack dropped to $ 96 Amazon, But Woot’s latest flash sales make the bundle even cheaper. Today alone, you can get a four-pack AirTags for 94, which is five percent off its normal price. Woot has dropped in price to $ 88 in the past, but fell to an all-time low during the holiday shopping season, making it unlikely to return anytime soon.

Buy AirTags (4-Pack) at Woot – $ 94

Like a lot Tile device And other bluetooth trackers, Airtag It is designed to help you keep track of your things. The coin-sized gadget can slip into your wallet or backpack, or Attach a container Which allows you to clip your keys, allowing you to keep track of your stuff using the Find My app on your iOS device. When you’re in the wrong place, you can force Airtag to emit a chime, or, if you have an ultra-wideband-enabled iPhone, the Precision Finding feature can be used to direct you to lost items using your phone’s screen direction. And if you’re no longer around your belongings, you can check the last location of AirTag in the Find My app and even turn on Lost Mode, which will ping you when AirTag is detected again by the network.

Remember that you need to be an iPhone user to get the most out of AirTags. Apples Recently released an app It lets Android users see if an AirTag is nearby, but the goal is to identify, protect, and return lost AirTag to the right owner. Also, we recommend checking out Woot’s return policy Before buying because it is very different from its parent company, Amazon.

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