Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

The M1 Max is very, very, very strange for a laptop chip. It’s a lot like the console SoC.

The M1 has a very good GPU, 4096 ALUs (Apple calls these “execution units”) and a 1.296 GHz clock for 10.6 GFLOPS performance. DDR5-6400 array 128 ROP, a huge 512 bit RAM bus, bandwidth requires a large GPU.

Oh, then there’s also a reasonably competitive CPU cluster hanging nearby. You may have heard it from M1.

It looks a lot like the latest description from Microsoft or Sony. Next to the big, huge, stoning GPU is a roaring memory bus, then some CPUs nearby.

For normal computing performance, AMD is chasing the huge L3 সাথে with Vcache, looking similar to Intel Foveros die stacking. AMD already sells exactly what the M1 Max is to Microsoft and Sony.

This is not about a warning for Nvidia and AMD. Apple is moving away from that area. If I were a console seller I would be very worried now. Apple has the OS, infrastructure, ecosystem and SoC to create PS5-competitive consoles. It’s already one of the largest game store operators in the world … why not make a play for the big screen?

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