Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Will be the next version of MacOS To download from 25 October. Apple has shared the release date with the new Chips and a new design .

MacOS Monterey FaceTime brings significant improvements, including local audio support and the ability to use SharePlay to listen to music and watch videos with your friends. The biggest change is the addition , Which lets users go back and forth seamlessly between an iPad and a Mac. The feature, which creates a previous continuity update, allows users to drag and drop files across multiple devices and type from the MacBook keyboard to an iPad.

But both SharePlay and Universal Control, which According to Apple, MacOS Monterey’s initial beta will come after the initial update “after this fall”.

The release comes with a big update This has been controversial at times due to significant changes to the tab bar and other key features. (The latest beta update brings back the tab bar by default after removing previous versions.) Improvement Looking forward to incorporating live text, a Google Lens-like feature that lets you select text between photos and add quick notes. MacOS is also getting some updates that first appeared in iOS 15 with Focus mode and support for “Share with you” which keeps track of content shared in the messaging app.

Apple is bringing two more important iOS features for Mac, including the Shortcuts app and AirPlay support, as Macs running on MacOS Monter will be able to use their devices as AirPlay speakers.

Follow all the news of Apple’s Mac event Here it is.

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