Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Even Apple’s 32-inch stand, $ 5,000 Pro Display XDR Is Famously expensive, However, the next external monitor may be more reasonable, according to Bloomberg Reporter Mark Gurman. Its the latest Power on In the newsletter, he says Apple’s next external monitor is “about half the price of the Pro Display XDR.”

Gurman added that he “hopes” it will launch in 2022, so it’s not clear if it came from a known source. Earlier, he said that the cost of building the monitor (which uses LED backlit but not mini-LED technology) has probably been reduced, and with a few changes and possibly a slight reduction in brightness, Apple will probably be able to achieve a similar quality monitor (slightly smaller). In size) probably at about half the price. “

The Apple Pro display is said to be working on some smaller 24- and 27-inch displays with the XDR’s successor. 9 to 5 Mac To mark. The latter could use an A13 bionic chip and Apple’s Neural Engine to accelerate learning tasks. There were apples Forced to the shaft For the current Pro Display XDR model, it claims to be “beyond HDR” and was ridiculed by display experts. Vincent Teoh This is for comparison with a professional Sony reference monitor.

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