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Although Apple has made its announcement Third generation airpods Last month, second-gen earbuds were still around, and some might like them if they matched Apple’s old-school earbuds. You can take the previous generation Airpods At Walmart now it’s only $ 89, which is $ 70 off their normal price and $ 10 less than last Black Friday. You’ll need to sign in with your Walmart account before you make a purchase, and we hope it will be fast. When Amazon Not currently matching the deal, we expect AirPods to be back in stock soon.

Buy AirPods (2nd gen) at Walmart – $ 89

If you are (somehow) a stranger, Airpods Apple’s true wireless earbud which has become the most popular bud in space since its first release. One of the biggest reasons many people choose them is how easily they pair and switch with Apple devices. Setup is fast because your iOS device will recognize earbuds as soon as you open the case and then switch to audio playback based on which device you are using. This means you can listen to music from your MacBook without any hassle, starting with taking calls on your iPhone.

The design of the second-gen AirPod is similar and compatible with Apple’s iPod, and they also have decent sound quality. We also like their enhanced wireless range and good battery life – you get about five hours of use before recharging. Despite not being the new AirPod, these buds are a better purchase at this $ 89 sale price. But if you are willing to spend a little more, Apple’s latest AirPod Lots of offers Improvement With a good fitting design, improved audio quality and a long battery life.

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