Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

A group of current and former Apple employees recently Band together And asked colleagues to share the stories of discrimination, harassment and retaliation that they had within the company. Until August 2, a group called #AppleToo said it had Collected Stories like the 500 – Now, it’s starting to reveal them Official Medium Page. Cher Scarlett, an Apple security engineer and face of the movement, wrote in the medium that she would share five stories at once “because the stress of reading these is heavy.”

Two of the first five are about sexual harassment, involving a male boss using his authority over a female employee. Subsequently, the recruiting team realized that the employee who he was was fired from an interview. Another story was of a black retailer in the UK who tried to do something about racism and micro-aggression in the workplace of their boss, to no avail. A female employee talks about how she was targeted by a member of her team and how management did nothing about it. And the last one is about an employee who was abused by a customer in his store and did not get help from the management.

If Scarlett discloses all of her submissions, these are only five of what we have received. The #AppleToo Movement said on Twitter, however, that 5 percent shared a common theme: they are involved in some form of discrimination. About half of them involved sexuality, revenge and HR reports which were eventually dismissed. A quarter of them involved racism and abusiveness, and most of the stories of harassment and assault were of a sexual nature.

In an interview with ProtocolScarlett said he thinks “companies need to be held accountable because they’re not holding themselves accountable. People want to hear.” No.

When news of the #AppleToo movement first surfaced, Apple said in a statement: “We take all concerns seriously and whenever concerns are raised we thoroughly investigate and we do not discuss specific issues while respecting the privacy of those involved. Staff matters.”

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