Archivists are trying to preserve the science-hub

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For almost the last decade, Science-Hub – aka, “Pirate Bay of Science” Gives Reserved Access to Researchers, Journalists and Open Source Advocates Numerous scientific papers throughout each category you can imagine. In return, it has been hit Multiple Lawsuit, A Suspended Twitter account, and a Investigation From the United States Department of Justice.

Now, People are trying to recover the site before deleting the web for good. A collection of data-collectionThe editors have now jointly banned the torrent of each of the 85 million articles placed within the walls of Sai-Hub. Ultimately, their goal is to create a fully open source library that anyone can access but no one can download.

“This time around, we’ve sent a clear message to Elsevier and USDOJ about the fate of science-hubs and open science,” Wrote A post Thursday. “We’re the library, we’re not silent, we’re not shutting down computers, and we’re plenty.”

There Lots of paperwork to download. The science-hub is built outside 850 separate torrents Housing around 100,000 articles, the site’s entire database receives a whopping 77 77TB of data. A handful of torrents are working there Library Genes Per Catalog As much as they can, trying to hire at least 85 more data guzlers to save a total of 10 torrents., Adding that they should reach out to the “10 best friends” and ask them to pull what they can. With enough people on board – the goal A total of 8,500 torrents – they will be able to close the entire library.

This is not the first time Of the Reddit community Went to open source rescue. In 2019, a The group is able to pull one Almost identical mission Library Genesis’s scientific papers and books go to the 33 TB ship, a site facing legal trouble Similar At the beginning of the Science-Hub epidemic, Archivists have compiled about 5,000 studies Covid-19 and leave these to the public Free.

The site of Sai-Hub is still on the web, R / datahorder Post a note that it’s basically obsolete – it hasn’t uploaded any new documents since December last year. Meanwhile, Alexandra Elbacayan, the founder of Sai-Hub Report Apple gave the FBI access to its account data last week.

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