Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Amid the escalation of the COVID-19 case, judges have reversed President Alberto Fernandez’s decree to close schools in Buenos Aires.

Argentine Supreme Court overturns President Alberto Fernandez’s decree to close schools in Buenos Aires An increase in coronavirus cases, By supporting the city government that wanted to keep children in class.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that the president’s decree violated the legally attached autonomy of Buenos Aires, ruling that schools should be closed.

Four of the five judges ruled that Fernandez’s decree in April violated the capital’s autonomy. The fifth judge denied the allegations, saying the matter was beyond the jurisdiction of the court.

The court said in its decision that “the city of Buenos Aires and its provinces can handle the opening of classes … giving priority to the opening and rebuilding of private classes,” the court said in its decision.

A girl reads during a protest in Buenos Aires, Argentina: ‘I want to learn in school’ [File: Victor Caivano/AP Photo]

Fernandez ordered the temporary closure of schools in and around the capital amid a sharp second wave of COVID-19 lawsuits and deaths. He ordered other public health restrictions, such as night curfews

However, the closure of the school was most opposed.

Fernandez initially ordered schools to be closed until the end of April, but on Friday he extended the decree to May 21.

Argentina Took to the streets in protest Last month against restrictions

In Buenos Aires, the city government, which faced a legal challenge before the Supreme Court, has kept primary schools and kindergartens open while making hybrid-in-personal and virtual classes compulsory at the high school level.

Opposition member Mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larretta argued that there was little evidence of an increase in the rate of infection in the private sector.

The federal government has said it wanted to reduce circulation to prevent the spread of the virus.

Argentine hospitals are struggling to keep up with the growing number of COVID-19 infections [Natacha Pisarenko/AP Photo]

According to Johns Hopkins University, Argentina has confirmed more than three million cases of coronavirus and about 655,000 deaths.

Intensive care wards are being filled in the middle of the second wave, with more than 80 percent of beds occupied in Buenos Aires.

Even the economies of countries already in recession have worsened before the epidemic, Poverty level.

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