Wed. May 18th, 2022

A colleague of mine who is a forester for the Colville Indian Tribe in WA state tried and success rate was 0.1% in areas that were burned at high severity from the North Star Complex wildfire. Not great if you have limited seed sources. Planted trees need to come from seeds from the same geographic “breeding zone” and elevation + accounting for climate change. This is a HUGE issue because planting trees in the incorrect breeding zone or elevation will result in shitty deformed trees not suited for the planting site. This is true, even if the correct species is planted. Wildfires are now so huge that entire breeding zones are wiped out in a single fire. US Government does not have enough seed to replant these areas, and seed viability decreases as time goes on. Most of our seed stock was collected 20+ years ago, so the genetics of well-adapted trees in a given area are going extinct with no ability to replace them. This is why using massive amounts of precious seed with drone-seeding may not be a great solution if seed stocks are low. Planting trees provides good jobs to migrant planters who are paid minimum $ 19- $ 22 / hour in WA and OR, and results in the best chance for successful reforestation. Hope this helps!

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