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Before your departure Your home in 1998 Pokemon Red And Blueপ্রথম The first set of local games that has become a franchise of wide, boundary-unimaginable proportions – gives you the option to interact with the TV set. By clicking A Your game boy button brings up this text: “There’s a movie on TV. Four boys are walking on the railway line. I like to go too. “This is a reference Stand by my sideThe 1986 film is based on a short story by Stephen King about prettens who enter the jungle to search for the body of a missing person — and its connection with your own upcoming adventure becomes clearer over time.

Stand by my side Rooted in nostalgia, not in the 1950s (when the story unfolds) but for young people in general and for the special lineage of its wonderful companionship. This is a story that cannot be told to adults. As adults, we are increasingly aware of the responsibility and self-awareness that children embark on. Stand by my side The same goes for most Pokemon game journeys, the journey can only be done by a 10 year old — combat instructor, stop evil, catch them. These are not complicated by the goals that age throws at us. Pokemon is not a franchise for growing up as much as it is about the lens that we as children see the world, filled with games and dreams.

But those who have enjoyed Pokemon since its first year have grown up. There are now multiple generations after them, be they young or children, who are experiencing it for the first time. They are fascinated by the fantastic simplicity of the game and its current high level of popularity, thanks to megahits. Pokemon Go Mobile games, recent installments Sword And Slope, Upcoming interest Pokemon Legend: Archie, And the resurgence of trading card games In the title and in the wider cultural relevance. These new players have probably never touched Red And Blue. Their only relationship with Pokemon is here and now.

Both sides of the Fandom are huge, leaving the franchise’s supposed goals in a mess. Is it for older fans, whose response to the series ranges from deep nostalgic to desperate for progress? Or does the Pokমনmon Company’s vision rely solely on new fans who still haven’t discovered the underlying and out-of-the-box addictions that have confirmed Pokমmon’s popularity for over two and a half decades? One of the main attractions of the franchise, with its major problems, is that it has rarely been able to keep up with the fans who have nurtured it all this time. I don’t want to say this in the sense of the maturity of its story. Ash Ketchum, the protagonist of the anime, giving a goat, or filling the games with surprising stinginess, is a foolish way to attract the fleeting attention of an older crowd.

Rather, Pokemon enjoys the comfort it offers – each new installment essentially serves as a soft reboot of the series. This is why Ash Kecham will live forever for 10 years. She will represent each new baby in the series for the first time. And that’s why – before Archies It was announced that the mechanics of Pokemon games, the level of difficulty, or any change in game design has increased optimally.

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