Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

If you are going to buy NFT industry, It’s important to know that you’re buying the real thing – and Adobe thinks it might help. It is Updating Photoshop on the desktop includes a beta content certificate feature that, among other upgrades, helps you establish the authenticity of your NFT. Once artists link their crypto wallet and social media accounts to the content’s credentials, buyers can verify that the wallet used to create the artwork is the same wallet it created.

Adobe has partnered with a handful of NFT marketplaces to enable the feature, including KnownOrigin, The open sea, Rare and extremely rare. There is no mention of whether other marketplaces will participate in the future.

Content certificates can be helpful even if you are not interested in NFT. An opt-in Photoshop feature adds editing and identity information to images, adds clarity and (hopefully) eliminates fraud concerns. Adobe stock assets now include certificates and will be visible on Behance. Adobe also hopes to release an open source developer kit that allows anyone to fold content certificates into their products, further extending its use. Innovative cloud Users

There is no doubt that Adobe wants to be a major player in the NFT world with this move. Similarly, it can be really important if technology continues to evolve. NFT is highly dependent on the authenticity of industry standards. Adding Photoshop can help more artists ‘stamp’ their projects, not to mention saving time.

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